Our Vision

Support the private practice and empower independent healthcare providers.

In New York City, and across the country, it is getting harder to run a private practice. Real estate is expensive, build-out costs are high, operating expenses are increasing, and there are numerous insurance and permitting hoops to jump through to launch. In fact, for the first time in America, less than 50% of practitioners are independent.

Lina is here to support the private practice. We’re empowering independent healthcare providers with an end-to-end solution, so they can focus on treating their patients while we take care of the rest. We do this by starting with an affordable office suite that makes it easy to launch, relocate or expand. We then provide concierge services to the provider and the patient to reduce the headaches of operating an office. An additional benefit is our focus on community and culture, to ensure an easy channel for referrals, networking, growth, and friendship.

Lina Founders

Founding Team

Real estate developer Vicrum Puri alongside health care professional Rachel Puri make up the husband and wife co-founder team behind Lina. Born out of Rachel’s experience and awareness of the challenges facing independent healthcare practitioners in Manhattan, Lina was designed to support the practice needs of medical, mental health, and wellness professionals while providing a calm and welcoming experience for patients and clients.