Our Vision

To support the private practice and empower independent health practitioners

Practice here for good

private practice

Our healthcare system is hurting. As overhead expenses rocket ever-higher and healthcare gets consolidated by large corporations, the private practice needs a champion. Lina is that champion. We’re making the private practice viable again by creating the space, community, and support for practitioners to thrive. Lina stands with you and the people you care for, with the goal of delivering the best experience for all.

Meet our Founders
Real estate developer Vicrum Puri and health care professional Rachel Puri make up the husband and wife co-founder team behind Lina.

Born out of Rachel’s experience and awareness of the challenges facing independent healthcare practitioners in Manhattan, Lina was designed to support the practice needs of medical, mental health, and wellness professionals while providing a calm and welcoming experience for patients and clients.
team behind Lina